Another sign of cheating is a dealer who too frequently turns his wrist in order to check the time. The real reason the dealer does this is to take a peek at the top card in the deck to decide if it should be dealt or not. This move is immediately suspect because of the type of job the dealer has.

Dealers work forty-minute shifts with twenty-minute breaks in between. After a few months on the job, the dealers develop such a fine sense of time from this pattern that they could tell time within several minutes without looking. There is no real need, to know the time anyway, they’re not going anywhere until they are relieved. Always avoid a time-watching wrist twister.There are a number of playing signs that can also alert you to the cheating dealer. The game of Blackjack is one of probabilities with swings both in the direction of the player and the dealer. But when a particular swing consistently favors the dealer, it’s time to be careful.

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