As you saw in the earlier example, when a Blackjack player is betting five hundred dollars to one thousand dollars per hand, playing several hands, and winning, you can be fairly certain that you are witnessing a skimming operation. If there is a big winner at the table and the casino personnel are giving the fortunate soul all sorts of unfavorable attention, then you have a good indica-tion of an honest game with a lucky player. In either case, take a good look at the dealer in this situation and remember him. He is going to be money down for his shift at the table.

As I mentioned, it is often advantageous to sit down during a skimming operation and get some of the action. And sitting with a lucky high roller can often let you play unobserved in his shadow. But avoid that dealer later. After any type of heavy los-ing session, honest or dishonest, the dealer will be wanting to even up his or her “bottom line” win/loss statistics kept by the casino by recouping the losses as soon as possible. The skimming dealer must do it to keep his job, and the dealer losing because of a bad run of cards will be tempted to cheat to keep the pressure from the pit bosses off. So avoid a dealer after a heavy losing ses-sion.

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