Hide Your Winnings

Hide Your Winnings

If you are skillful with your hands, it is a good idea to hide as many chips as you can from your winnings. There are a number of ways to do this. You can get the smaller denominations changed into larger chips so that it will appear to the pit boss that you’ve got fewer chips in front of you.

You can also cover the larger-denomination chips, such as those for twenty-five dollars, with smaller chips, such as those for one dollar or five dollars. Another thing to do is simply to pick up several large-denomina-tion chips and slip them into your shirt pocket when the pit boss isn’t looking.

One technique that I have found successful when I am on a junket and required to draw five hundred or a thousand dollars’ worth of chips at a time is to switch tables. As I am walking from one table to the next with several hundred dollars’ worth of chips in my hands I just put a few in my sports-jacket pocket. It’s very difficult for the pit boss or the dealers to notice what you are doing when you are hopping from table to table.

Some players slip a chip or two into their cigarette package when it’s lying on the table. You may feel like a walking treasure island with chips hidden all over your body, but you will disguise the fact that you are a winner.

Be a Woman

Blackjack creator Lawrence Revere stated that a woman who learns how to play winning Blackjack can win a million dollars by virtue of being female. I have found this to be true, particu-larly in Las Vegas. Casino personnel are among the most chau-vinistic in the world.

They do not respect women as gamblers. I once had a pit boss tell me, “If you let a woman out of the kitchen or the bedroom she gets confused.” They do not feel that a woman has the mentality or inclination to be a professional Blackjack player. I know some men players who even disguise themselves as women to take advantage of this situation. If you are a woman (or can make yourself look like one) and like to play Blackjack, you have a very profitable future ahead of you.

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