There are a few casino rules that don’t fit under any particular as-pect of play. The first of those is the infrequent card-down situa-tion. Early in my career, I was playing at a full table when the dealer accidentally dealt a card to me over the edge of the table. Since it was very difficult for me to reach down under my stool to get the card, I thought one of the other players might get it. No one moved a muscle.

Typical, I thought, of the modern version of John and Jane Q. Public. The dealer evidently hadn’t seen what happened at first, but noticed I had only one card on the table as I started to bend down. He said, “Don’t worry about it” and called, “Card down” over his shoulder. I went ahead and picked up the card with a helpful, “I don’t mind.”

When the pit boss arrived, the dealer handed him the card and pointing to me said, “He got it.” The pit boss carefully looked over the card, then looked at me and gave it back to the dealer. Feeling stupid, I realized that players aren’t supposed to retrieve cards from off the table. An experienced friend told me later that cheaters will mark or switch cards underneath the table whenever possible. I must have looked touristy enough that they didn’t feel it was necessary to swap decks to see if I had pulled a switch.Whenever a card goes off the table, tell the dealer and let the pi boss retrieve it.

Another rule goof I made nearly was in playing more than on4 hand at a time. At first, I picked up both sets of hands I was play, ing and was immediately informed by the dealer that I was not al lowed to do that. When playing more than one hand at a time you must fully play out the first hand before going on to look a the cards in the next hand. The only exception to this is when thi dealer is showing an Ace up and asks for insurance bets. In tha situation, you can look at all your hands to see which ones yoi might want to place the insurance side bet on.

The final area of general table etiquette is tipping. Even thong] the drinks are complimentary, the serving waitress is not. It i customary to tip the waitress for her service. I usually don’t til with every drink, but wait and tip a larger amount every othe drink. The amount is up to you.                     

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